I am pleased to have this opportunity to commend Crestview Kennels on their excellence in dog care, as well as Nancy and Larry’s personal attention to the owners.

I have been raising, training and showing dogs for decades but had never boarded any of them – ever. A sudden emergency arose which necessitated placing the dogs – immediately!, in a safe environment. Crestview was local, and I had heard good reports. A panic call on a Sunday afternoon, and several hours later due to the caring of Nancy and Larry, my five Goldens were safely at Crestview. My dogs ranged in age from two to twelve years. They were there for nine days! When my Goldens were able to come home they were to a dog……in great spirits! in perfect condition! and healthy and happy. As a long time and experienced multiple dog owner, there was not one negative to be found!

I am Arlee, and many of you know me as a trainer for the Concord Dog Training Club and the Guide Dog Foundation for the Blind. You know if I would trust Crestview with my Goldens, it is a trust worthy place for your pets also. My dogs refer to it as Crestview Camp, and much to their delight are going back for a short stay in a week or so.


We have a 1 1/2 year old puppy. We had to kennel her for a week. The kennel was great. Our puppy had a great time even though it rained all week. I even think she came back trained!!!!! Yahoo User

Pros: Great service, great value

Cons: can’t think of any

Crestview Kennel is by far the best kennel I have ever used. My dog is very happy to be there. The place is clean, friendly, and they seem to provide a lot of attention to the dogs. They give my dog 4 playtimes a day with other dogs, at no extra charge.

Pros: supervised playtimes, lots of attention, clean
Overall user rating: Highly Recommended

Ann Baker

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